Stone Cleaning

DOFF® Integra Steam Cleaning System

The DOFF® Integra is a market-leading, expertly engineered, kerosene fuelled steam cleaning system that utilises a normal water supply to clean a wide range of surfaces. Based upon the original DOFF® Standard; the Integra was developed to offer greater ease of operation, manoeuvrability, quick-release modular components, digital displays, and easy loading.

The Stonehealth DOFF® machine’s water supply is fed via a pump into a hot box where it is rapidly heated to temperatures of up to 150℃. The output temperature and pressure can be set by the operator as required.  This superheated water is then fed through high-temperature heat-resistant hoses to the nozzle at a rate of between 3-5 litres per minute to provide exceptional cleaning capability and is  commonly used to remove:

● Paint coatings (most oil and plastic types)
● Graffiti
● Algae, moss, and fungi
● Wax coatings
● Chewing gum
● Bitumen, oil, grease, and much more

… all without damaging, disfiguring, or discolouring the substrate. The surface being cleaned does not suffer any damaging pressure, thermal shock, or deep saturation, and once cleaned, the surface dries within minutes, preventing any long-term damage resulting from trapped moisture.

The DOFF® Integra is recommended for use on:
● Brickwork
● Stone
● Concrete
● Tiles
● Wood
● Ceramics

Doff Steam Cleaning Company equipment has been around for a great number of years. Doff is a portable super-heated steam cleaning machine used on all types of exterior building surfaces. These machines are not available to hire as they are extremely difficult to operate and maintain correctly and should therefore only be used by Doff-trained personnel.

DOFF is a steam-based stone cleaning system. It’s unlike any other steam system and can achieve temperatures of up to 150°C at the nozzle end – making it a ‘superheated water system’. The operator is able to vary the temperature and pressure to remove many different types of paint and biological matter. It is used for the gentle removal of Flexible Paints, Graffiti, Algae, Moss and more.

Frequently used for indoor grease and oil removal in industrial building cleaning, the Doff Steam System targets cladding, girders, and concrete floor areas.

The system, which cleans areas quickly without flooding the building, uses significantly less water than a pressure washer.

To operate Doff, one must undergo Stonehealth’s training and obtain the Rosette Award. As these machines are difficult to maintain, only Doff-trained personnel should use them.


Stone Cleaning Harrogate Before
Stone Cleaning Harrogate

Before and after stone cleaning with DOFF Machine in Harrogate.

Garage Before
Garage After

Before and after stone cleaning with DOFF Machine in Harrogate.

Entrance Before
Entrance After

Curved stone wall before and after.

Wall Before
Wall After

Stone wall before and after.

Path Before
Path After

Entrance path before and after.

Steps Before
Steps After

Stone steps before and after.

Balcony Cleaning
Balcony Cleaning Finished

Balcony Stone Cleaning.

Roof Stone Cleaning Before
Roof Stone Cleaning After

Roof Stone Cleaning.