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Schools, colleges, universities and nurseries can’t just close their doors whenever they wish for a refurb...

With such a high footfall, comprised predominantly of children in many cases, it’s not always suitable to do it while the premises are open either. That’s why we’ll always work around your opening times and spatial requirements to get the project done – whatever that needs to look like. 

If our teams are going to be on-site while vulnerable people are there, you can rest assured that each one of them will be DBS checked and always courteous and professional. And, as they will all be in our branded workwear, everyone will instantly know who they are and why they are on-site. 

Educational settings often have areas of highly concentrated traffic, so Muraspec and Tektura vinyl wallpapers can be invaluable in these locations. Durable and washable, they are the perfect coverings for corridors and classrooms. Or, perhaps an antibacterial paint, such as Biosan or Sterishield, would be better suited to prevent little hands from picking up germs? 

Whatever your needs, Swirlforce is happy to discuss how we can meet them for you, so get in touch with a member of our team today. 

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Full width Vinyl wallpaper application

Full width vinyl application within a student hub.