Industrial & Manufacturing Decorators

When it comes to decorating industrial and manufacturing properties, Swirlforce understands that a whole lot more needs to be considered than just what the finish will look like...

While the aesthetics of the project are a definite element, the products and approach used in these situations also play a highly practical role. 

Our professional team works with you to ensure the specifications of the project meet all health and safety requirements, including measures such as emergency exits being painted in different colours to make them easily identifiable. Of course, we also conduct ourselves with best practice throughout each project when it comes to health and safety, which is demonstrated through our CHAS and Constructionline accreditations. 

By only using the best products, we make sure that they work as hard as possible for you. For example, the cladding paints that we use, which include those made by Zinsser and Rustoleum, provide a fresh look when used on the outside of metal, plastic and wood, while protecting the underlying surface from corrosion and damage. 

Get in touch with a member of the Swirlforce team and trust that the renovation of your industrial or manufacturing property will be in the right hands. 

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Summit Park Distribution Centre
Summit Park Distribution Centre

Summit Park Distribution Centre

Industrial Steel Painting

Industrial steel painting.

Swirlforce were the first company in the country to take delivery of the electric Graco King – Z60 110v  e- E-xtreme. This picture shows it back in our yard after it’s first 25,000m2 spray job.

Acid etching galvanised steel work
industrial painting

Acid etching galvanised steel work

Industrial Floor Painting

Industrial Plant Room 2 Pack Floor Painting

Checking DFT
Spray Application Of RIW LAC

Checking DFT (Dry film thickness) and Spray Application of RIW LAC (Liquid Asphaltic Composition Coating)

Further Industrial & Manufacturing Projects