Airless Spray Painting

The speed in which a project can be completed when using airless spray painting is astounding...

Up to four times quicker than using a paintbrush and a roller, the reduction in labour costs is one of the main advantages of this increasingly popular painting method.

Liquid paint is pushed through a small nozzle at high pressure, splitting into tiny droplets as it connects with the air. Creating a glass-smooth finish, you no longer need to worry about streaks and patches. 

Ideal for large internal or external commercial, industrial and retail areas, air spray painting applies a thicker coat, meaning fewer coats are needed. The paint also dries quicker than that used in traditional methods, so projects can be turned around quickly and to a better standard. 

A versatile method, Swirlforce uses airless spray painting in a variety of decorating projects, including leisure centres, car showrooms and any other setting where large spaces need to be covered flawlessly in a short timeframe. Due to improved adhesion, the coating can also last much longer than brush or roller painting. The result? No need to redecorate so often, meaning cost is lowered further. 

Call our team today and see how Swirlforce could transform your space with airless spray painting. 

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Airless spraying galvanised soffits in Swindon