Quality commercial decorators within the care sector

Swirlforce provides commercial painting and decorating services to care establishments across the UK...

Be it residential nursing homes for the elderly or respite care properties, we work closely with the in-house management teams to be able to carry out work in the absolute best and most unobtrusive way possible.

Understanding the heightened risk factors that equipment can introduce to these settings, as well as the disturbance to residents of having unknown people around, our teams are trained to take extra precautions to ensure minimal disruption. Redecoration of communal areas is often done overnight and residents’ rooms are turned around as quickly as possible.

Products are another aspect that are carefully considered. Antibacterial paints such as Biosan, Microbarr and Sterishield are popular as they provide a seamless, tough, scrubbable, long lasting layer of protection against infection and germ spread. 

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