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Social Housing

We regularly undertake redecoration projects for various housing providers throughout the UK. The summer months usually find us working on external redecorations, which can include timber and render repairs, UPVC cleaning, guttering cleaning, along with of course the re-painting of the properties once all the preparation is complete!  Normally working to specifications from the client, we will use Timbercare, giving a clean tidy finish that once decorated looks as good as natural wood, but lasts much longer than splicing-in fresh timber.  Winter months usually see the internal redecorations taking place, these can vary from voids to occupied properties, and will often mean working around the tenant in order to satisfy the requirement of the project. 

We would urge you to take a look at our Client Testimonials page, after all, why take our word for it?  So if you're planning a maintenance programme and want a company who know how to do things right, give Swirlforce a call.

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