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For many years we have redecorated around 250 stores twice a year for one retailer; within a 2 week window, working nationally to a tight deadline, overnight; we must leave the stores ready for business the next morning, or while the store is open; courtesy, tidyness, craftsmanship skills and professionalism are key.  Retailers constantly have to come up with new ways of luring customers into their stores and the decoration plays a huge part in this.

We’re proud of our work in this sector and have worked on larger refurbishment projects for many others too, from car showrooms to fast food restaurants. Swirlforce has been asked to do everything from a simple refresh of existing paint using airless-spraying methods, to more traditional applications, preparing and applying  wallpaper, vinyl and wide vinyl and eco-friendly products such as Dulux (Akzo-Nobel) Light & Space™, which will make a space feel twice as large, a real benefit if space is limited.  We’re also often asked to work special effects into a scheme, this requires experienced craftspeople who understand the products and how to apply them.  So, next time you’re thinking of a store refresh, remember to give Swirlforce a call for a competitive quote from an experienced national contractor.

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