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Swirlforce, Leicester Hedgehog Rescue
12th August 2013
Swirlforce, Leicester Hedgehog Rescue

Here’s Milly who was found and rescued by Ian Lord of Swirlforce.

As Millie was healthy and just happened to get into the wrong place, she was with me only for very short time.  She was released into a very nice garden, which already has hedgehogs, where food and water is always available, and where the owner keeps a good eye on them.
I thought you might like some photos of when we put her back out into the wild.  At dusk, she was put into a nest box in a lovely wooded and shady corner, then left to come out when she was ready.  As it is such an unusual story, I may use her for one of our sponsorship hogs.  Sponsored hogs are popular with the general public, and at £5 each, provide a welcome addition to our fundraising.
Many thanks to you all, and particularly Ian Lord, for your help in her rescue, and not just deciding to take the easy way out and stick her under a bush. 
Best wishes.
Steph - Leicester Hedgehog Rescue.
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