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New Build

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Our work in the New Build sector has been varied and interesting.  We have worked on everything from new housing projects to cinemas, theatres, hospitals, schools, academies, universities, colleges, hotels, car-parks, offices, industrial units and petrol forecourts (with SPA certification); all of which have differing specifications, and require different products and therefore knowledge of application. 

This is where Swirlforce come in; we have the expertise to clean, coat, cover or protect just about any suitable substrate.  So, from the first spray of mist-coat to the finishing touches of water-based gloss, we have the technical support through our connections with Dulux (Akzo-Nobel), W J Leigh’s, Crown and other major manufacturers’, and the practical know-how through our experienced workforce, to deliver a project any contractor would be proud to put their name to.  Remember, pick up the phone to Swirlforce for your next project.

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